The Top Trends of 2023

Through our content, we will be sharing our expertise and insight on all things PR, social media, and design and we look forward to engaging with you through this new venture.

What’s on the horizon this year?

2023 started with a bang and with January already behind us, our thoughts on the year ahead are based on our agency’s 2022 experiences and some of the early headlines of 2023.

The end of online?

With Covid-19 restrictions becoming a distant memory, we’re looking forward to a lot more real-life events. In-person meetings will return, but with many still working in a hybrid WFH model, we have a feeling the convenience of Zooms, Webexs and Google Meets for WIPs and similar shorter meetings will trump in-person meetings. In-person events will still be the preferred option for many businesses. More so this year than any other, events must deliver a wow factor for guests, and of course ROI for clients.

Lean media

Media outlets will continue to be run very lean and as such, the right pitch, well-written, and delivered at the right time, will ensure success – move over ChatGPT (but more on AI below). Exclusive contributed articles will continue to meet the media’s time constraints, while quality over quantity across all sectors will continue into 2023 with a focus on engaging content.

Engaging influencers

Engagement trumps audience numbers. Engagement is where it is at, and even more so in the influencer space. A large audience or follower count looks impressive, but engagement is what will deliver brand messaging clients’ crave. Nurturing influencer relationships will be key and the strength of an agency’s influencer partnerships will position it as the real deal.

Listen Up!

Australia has officially overtaken the US as the biggest podcast-listening nation on the planet, with the number of people who listened to a podcast in the last month growing to 40%, up from 37% year on year. Compare that to the US, where 38% listened in the same time frame. Podcasts will continue to thrive with insatiable content demands. Subject matter experts will reap interview opportunities on podcasts as they have previously across traditional and digital media opportunities.

The rise of AI

Watch this space. ChatGPT is already making the world’s best copywriters (and every other industry) nervous. What will separate the copywriters of the future will be their ability to harness the power of AI for their agency and clients. As we will be discussing in our next blog, the world wide web, email, and then social media were initially scoffed at, but all three are now crucial. We believe there will be those who start to engage now, and those who will engage in a few years and will be playing catch up. It is indeed a brave new world.

What do you see as the big issues and trends over the coming months?

All the best for 2023,

The NMG Team.

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