An Agency’s role in delivering Paid, Earned, and Owned Media

Communications is a very broad industry and similarly, there’s a variety of agencies to assist organisations with their requirements. Agencies can focus on corporate communications, internal communications, B2B, or consumer publicity for clients. An integrated agency such as NMG focuses on improving an organisation’s communications through a mix of consumer, trade, and industry media engagement, to educate, inform, and sometimes, entertain audiences. These audiences could be identified consumers, clients, industry associations, government departments, trade partners, the media themselves, or a nominated specific marketing persona.

From our vantage point, ‘PR’ is all about developing strong relationships with various media to ensure clients’ messaging and narrative is managed and communicated appropriately.

Media relations is a function of communications and public relations which focuses on media as a specific audience. Strong copywriting and well-developed media and influencer relationships can deliver media coverage and assist with maintaining positive engagement with the public.

To deliver appropriate results, communication campaigns must be executed strategically, often with an omni-channel approach across paid, earned, and owned media.

Paid, Earned, and Owned Media

Paid, earned, and owned media are terms regularly used in PR and communications, but what do these terms mean?

Paid Media refers to media coverage secured as a result of advertising. PR agencies, based on the strength of their copywriting, are often called on to create much of the written content for paid media opportunities pursued by clients including paid advertorial.

The key objective of PR agencies and their teams, Earned Media refers to media coverage secured due to the execution of a PR campaign strategy. This earned media is secured by the PR agency through their ability to identify and create newsworthy stories about their clients’ brand, products, services, and IP.

A trusted PR agency will be able to do more than just create ‘news’ from a launch, but continue to deliver editorial coverage by pitching story ideas and angles that regularly resonate with, and garner, media attention. Agile PR agencies will also be able to identify current media trends and respond to media opportunities, placing their client in amongst the media conversation on a particular topic.

Any media owned by an organisation is Owned Media.  This includes print and digital assets such as social media, websites, blogs, and newsletters. Content writing is often a key part of a PR agency’s remit with clients, and through owned media, an organisation can publish and control their own content. There’s no third-party editors, or commercial content gate keepers to contend with.

For brands, generally a mix of all three types of media is essential to communicate with target audiences and grow their business. Integrated communications agencies, such as Niche Marketing Group, have the necessary teams to deliver appropriate content required for each media type, with a focus on delivering owned and earned media.



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