The 3 Questions you need to ask an Integrated Agency

The role of an integrated marketing and communications agency is to help brands and organisations cut through the noise. For organisations seeking an external solution, the problem is thousands of agencies all do things a bit differently.

Identifying who might be the right people to help you achieve your objectives can be overwhelming.

To help you understand how to make the best choice for you and your business, these are the top three questions you should be asking your potential integrated agency:

  1. How experienced are you with delivering solutions for similar organisations?
  2. What are the results I can expect?
  3. What’s the value of this activity to my business?

Question 1 will give you confidence the agency’s team is an expert in addressing the challenges you’re facing and maximising your opportunities.

Regardless of if they are a specialist or general agency, they should be able to speak with authority on their services and solution-led strategic approach. Consumer media engagement and publicity is very different to FinTech and financial services PR and any agency should be able to showcase how it operates in a variety of highly complex environments to deliver high value solutions.

Delivering a bespoke, measurable solution to a specific marketing and communication issue is, at the end the day, what our clients want.

Question 2 helps show how results-oriented your integrated agency is.

It’s good to find out what their reporting is going to show, essentially: How will they measure the value they have created?

While it’s not possible to know what results you’ll get from a strategic campaign plan before it is prepared and then executed, professional agencies should be able to show you what previous strategies have delivered, how they interpret results and then measure their work – giving you some insight into what success is likely to look like for you.

Question 3 will confirm a few things about how the agency see themselves. Importantly, this question is all about whether the agency can articulate the value they bring to clients.

Reporting on value from results is one thing, but identifying the value of any activity beyond this demonstrates a mature awareness of their overall purpose as a business.

Delivering omnichannel communications solutions speaks directly to the reason why an integrated agency like NMG may be required. We’re happy to answer these three questions and can’t wait to discuss your challenges and opportunities with you.



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